7 Most Outstanding Castles near London

People need some royalness within our lives and just what better place to achieve this than an British

castle. People to the British capital won’t be required to go far to locate this, because there are several castles near London which make great day journeys. The castles produce an amazing – and simple – way to discover British history, the battles fought against them over and palace intrigue. You’ll find eleventh century castles which were built by William the Conqueror, another that was the childhood home from the condemned Anne Boleyn, yet others where Henry VIII, Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth II rested. A brief history connected using these castles is completely fascinating.

Dover Castle, the biggest castle in England, continues to be guarding the British Funnel for hundreds of years, earning it the nickname, “key of England.” William the Conqueror burned it as he invaded England in 1066. Located roughly 1 hour 30 minutes from London, the castle complex is definitely an impressive assortment of structures, moats and walls. The numerous tunnels underneath the castle were transformed into air raid shelters as well as an subterranean hospital during The Second World War. In your tour, you can go to towers, go through dungeons and walk staircases so narrow, you’ll question how medieval women using their big skirts managed. The castle has appeared in lots of films from Physician Who to another Boleyn Girl.

Arundel Castle, around the River Arun in West Sussex, includes a history that goes back nearly 1,000 years. Built through the Earl of Arundel in 1068, possession frequently passed lower with the female line it’s been the place to find the dukes of Norfolk for 800 years. The castle was built on the man-made hill and encircled with a moat. Within the late 1800s, the attractive castle was transformed into a rustic home, being among the first to possess electricity, service lifts and heating. Make time to wander with the carefully tended gardens which have been available to the general public since 1854.

If you value Downton Abbey, you’ll love Highclere Castle because the series was filmed here. The website is ancient, being recorded within the Domesday Book, although the castle there now isn’t that old. Today Highclere is really a Jacobean-style country home for that Earls of Carnarvon because the 17th century. It’s important to plan in advance for any visit, as Highclere Castle is just open at select occasions. You will see magnificent gardens and woodlands, condition rooms as well as an exhibition of Egyptian antiquities since an early on earl was with Howard Crater as he discovered the tomb of King Tut.

Just an hour or so from London is Hever Castle, the childhood home of Anne Boleyn and 2nd wife of Henry VIII the king later gave it to his 4th wife, Anne of Cleves. This 13th century castle is lavishly decorated with antique furniture and tapestries, and among the best collections of Tudor portraits in England in addition to two prayer books owned by Anne Boleyn along with a private lock her husband used as he remained there. The castle, using its moat, apparently is haunted, possibly by victims who have been tortured here. Outdoors the medieval castle, you’ll find mazes and gardens, varying from plant to Italian-style.

William the Conqueror started creating a castle around the River Avon in 1068, 2 yrs after he invaded England. It had been switched into an imposing stone fortress within the twelfth century. Within the next couple of centuries, this medieval castle could be strengthened many occasions, with possession based on inheritance and who had been within the king’s favor. Its towers and ramparts teemed with intrigue and famous prisoners before the castle was switched right into a country home within the 17th century. Today Warwick Castle is a childrens playground tailored for medieval activities, for example gory dungeons and sword fights, so that you can find out about this excising period in British history.

Leeds Castle is billed because the loveliest castle on the planet. Having seen the 900-year-old castle using its lush greenery and challenging maze, it’s difficult to argue with this nickname. When a Norman stronghold after which of six medieval queens, Henry VIII and the first wife, Catherine of Aragon, remained here. The previous royal residence has become a rustic home however with a twist: Most country homes do not have towers and ramparts which are daunting because they achieve towards the sky. The rooms are lavishing furnished with antiques along with other treasures, including an accumulation of antique collars for dogs.

Inside a quiet town full of British history, Windsor Castle dominates the landscape. Built by William the Conqueror after he invaded England in 1066, the castle today is both a museum along with a royal residence, presently utilized by Queen Elizabeth II as her official residence. It’s the largest working castle on the planet located not far from London. Top items to see would be the Condition Rooms, and among rare art collections on the planet the Medieval St. George’s Chapel, and Queen Mary’s Dolls House. The Altering from the Guards’ ceremony is yet another British tradition.

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