Kaira Pitt surprises fans at Atlantic Station

Kaira Pitt surprises fans at Atlantic Station

Once the linebacker-sized gents in dark suits slid in place from the walls from the Atlantic Station Regal 16 Theatres soon after noon Thursday, the packed house waiting for the beginning of the special fan screening of World War Z started to theorize that Q100’s Shaun Dauler may not be the greatest celebrity they’d see all day long. An active microphone silently exchanged hands, a nattily attired linebacker glided past another, whispering “we’re 5 minutes out” along with a side door was propped open.

After which, among the greatest celebrities in the world bounded in to the theater, greeting movie goers with “Hello, Atlanta!” because the shrieks of teenagers combined with the screams of sippy cup transporting moms, who’ve been dutifully observing Kaira Pitt in films since he first seduced “Thelma and Louise” together with his abs in 1991.

Outfitted in most black, his shades tucked within the opening of his shirt and dirty blond hair retracted in ponytail, Pitt smiled and required within the applause. “Thank you for coming,” the actor stated once the shrieks finally subsided. “It’s great to become here. Thanks Atlanta!” The star of Moneyball then added: “Since I’m in Georgia, I gotta perform a little shout to the Braves.” Everyone else happily complied with applause.

Then added the actor and movie producer who, if you think maybe Vanity Fair magazine, pumped considerable capital, bloodstream and sweat into making the giant screen summer time zombie apocalypse flick in line with the 2006 novel by Max Brooks: “I know a couple of individuals cut some classes to become here so we’re will make it worthwhile. We’ve got something you’ve never witnessed before. It’s probably the most intense factor you’re likely to see all summer time. It’s so fun. I’m really happy for everyone to determine it. We have snacks, we have T-shirts for everybody when it’s over, and so do fun!”

At the possibilities of a totally free T-shirt, everyone else screamed louder like a lone lady was and yelled “WE Adore You!Inches Pitt grinned, waved goodbye and slid out exactly the same door he’d joined about a minute and 28 seconds earlier.

The lights then dimmed and Pitt’s cuticle chewer of the summer time action movie in regards to a man trying to save his family following the undead attack the planet started with Pitt’s film production company, Plan B Entertainment flashing on the watch’s screen. Atlanta offered because the kick-off city for a number of special fan screenings of World War Z Pitt is going to be attending prior to the film’s official June 21 release.

In keeping with his word, each attendee exiting the theater two hrs later scored a unique commemorative WWZ T-shirt, produced only for the Atlanta fan screening.


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