Satisfy the Other Mayors: Jere Wood, Roswell

Satisfy the Other Mayors: Jere Wood, Roswell

60-six-year-old Jere Wood was elevated in Roswell, and he’s damn happy with what it’s become: a mixture of sophistication, hi-y’all gentility, and riverfront entertainment. In 1997, Wood defeated a 31-year incumbent to accept part-time position, which pays $40,000. Outdoors of city hall, he’s a “small-town lawyer” who frequently represents small companies.

Local childhood “It would be a capital of scotland- 2,500, and today it’s an urban area of 90,000-plus. It’s kind of just like a child who matures but maintains exactly the same personality.”

The “Riverwalk Village” proposal “If approved, it will likely be transformational. Located inside the 400 corridor as well as on the Chattahoochee River-that’s a fairly unique combination.”

Core value “The greatest transformation may be the historic district. The Canton Street area is most likely the greatest little OTP entertainment district.”

Suburban Virginia-Highland? “It’s better. [laughs] People much like me, who increased in the suburban areas, like urban amenities, but we’re just a little afraid of the entire urban-gritty factor.”

This short article initially made an appearance within our April 2015 issue.


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